Directors' Code of Ethics

Our Board members are required to observe the following Code of Ethics:

  1. to comply with this Code and our Board Charter as may be modified from time to time;
  2. to observe the highest standards of corporate governance;
  3. to adhere to the principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability and honesty;
  4. to act in good faith and in the best interests of our Company and our Group;
  5. not to misuse information gained in the course of duty for personal gain or for any purpose nor seek to use the opportunity of the service as Director to promote his or her own interests or those of persons connected or related to him or her;
  6. to ensure that our Company’s resources are properly safeguarded and that our Company conducts its operations as economically, efficiently and effectively as possible;
  7. to not accept positions on our Board Committees where a conflict of interest is likely to arise without first declaring that interest;
  8. to declare any personal, professional or business interests, direct or indirect, that may conflict with his or her responsibilities as a Director (reference is made to Appendix A);
  9. to follow the guidelines on acceptance of gifts and hospitality (reference is made to Appendix B);
  10. to abstain from disclosing any information pertaining to ENRA Group Berhad and its subsidiaries to the general public or the press at large through any medium or forum, without prior approval from the Chairman; and
  11. to keep in confidence all matters deliberated by the Board and its decisions private and confined to Board members.
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